To enhance your customer interactivity, workflow, operations efficiency, performance, and reliability, Network Performance will provide you with superior ICT solutions and a commitment for quality after-sales support.

Currently we offer the following services:

ICT Consultancy

Recent research indicates that high-performance businesses view ICT as a strategic asset — a source of both operational excellence and competitive advantage. Our ICT experts help top management to adopt that mindset and achieve greater business value with the right ICT solutions for your business. Areas of consultancy include the following:
  • ICT business strategies
  • Risk management
  • Information management
  • Technology needs
  • Supply of ICT equipments
  • Systems integration
  • Data modeling


Our outsourcing service includes two main areas. First: you may either outsource an entire ICT project to NP or part of it. Second: NP may provide you temporarily with the needed trained ICT professionals for a fee.
  • Applications or Projects
  • Trained ICT Professionals

Web Applications

NP may help you to enhance your company world wide identity and visibility by designing, implementing, and (if needed) hosting and maintaining your company web site.
  • Web site design and implementation
  • Web site hosting
  • Web site maintenance

Networks and Connectivity

Designing, managing, and maintaining your Network is one of our main services. It includes:
  • Turn-key solution for designing, installing, and testing offices' LAN and WAN
  • Turn-key solution for designing, installing, and testing WiFi for offices, buildings, or any hot spot
  • Innovative solutions for connectivity (WiMax, Broadband, etc.)


In today's dynamic world, businesses rely on communications solutions that meet their special needs and reduce their operational cost. NP may help you to reduce your cost and increase your efficiency by working with you to develop the best communication solution for your business. This includes the following solutions:
  • VOIP solutions
  • IVR solution
  • Combined broadband options

ICT Security

Many businesses do not understand the risk they take by conducting their business without preparing for all types of emergency. This is not limited to securing your network, although securing the network is a critical part of security measures. NP ICT security solutions include:
  • Networks security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Backup solutions
  • Surveillance


In Saudi Arabia, maintenance of ICT equipments is, in our view, not given the proper attention. NP believes that quality maintenance is a key factor in reducing your overall operating cost. NP may help you with the following:

  • LAN management and maintenance
  • Communication equipments maintenance


An innovative business will not stop developing and launching new services. Many new ideas need to be designed specifically for your particular business. This may include simple databases or comprehensive software solution to perform complicated services. NP may help your business in the following software areas:
  • Design and implementation of application-specific database solutions
  • Design and implementation of any customized software solution to solve a specific business requirement you may need (workflow, tracking systems, monitoring systems, …etc.)